Boykin and Labrador puppies

The Sunstar Kennel

Our boy that started it all.

     With over 35 years of Labrador Retriever ownership and training, the Sunstar Kennel began with the first breeding of a pair of black Labradors....Lexus and Colt.

     The story began....Nancy saw a car commercial for a Lexus and told Alan that is what she wanted...a black Lexus. 
     Several months later, Nancy came home from work and Alan announced that he got her the Lexus and it was in the back yard.
   Nancy ran to the back yard to find a 6 week-old black lab with a big red bow and a name tag that said "My name is Lexus"...thus began Sunstar Kennels.
    Of course there needed to be a mate.  Alan is sharp on research and found a perfect male in Virginia with the Southland Kennel and the Jabodas.  Colt joined the Kennel and thus started the breeding program. 

     Nancy now is very specific on her requests for cars...she makes sure to include wheels, steering wheel, doors in addition to make and color...

   After 14 years of a wonderful life and three beautiful litters, Lexus died of old age.  Heartbroken, Alan wanted to comfort Nancy with a new companion so he arranged to surprise her with a small lap dog.  That worked for about three months and Nancy informed him that a tiny dog , while sweet, just wasn't going to work. 
   At the Southeastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, SC, they met the Boykin Spaniel Society (BSS) and immediately fell in love with the breed.
   Rhett was the first Boykin who lived a long 15 years and he was followed by Scarlett who produced the first Boykin litter.  So different from the Lab pups. The BSS standard for breeding is true to the core of the breed. We are committed to that standard.
   Our program for breeding is very limited and  timed to keep our females healthy and our pups quality.   
    We are proud to say that all our pup owners are equally dedicated to the bred they choose and we have some amazing titled dogs among the owners. 
   Please call if you would like a referrence or talk to one of our owners.  

Lady Lexus of Morning Lake
Our lady with her trademark ears

Sunstar's Wrigin' Rhett